What You Can Expect from a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Inspector

A big number of property owners have never had their residential or commercial buildings inspected. And performing a “ safe and clean” inspection during a tenancy is crucial. The “move-out” and “move-in” inspections that are performed at the beginning and the end of a rental period can be the thing making the difference between you, as the landlord, keeping all or just a portion of the security deposit to compensate you for damage. There are 4 key types of inspection that a residential & commercial real estate inspector can perform.

Move-in Inspection

This inspection is conducted during the move-in process. It has to be done by the tenant, and it has to be documented. Don’t think that you can move a tenant into a property without physically being present. The tenant has to walk through the property and document some issues they come across because that could be a deduction from their deposit when they leave.

It’s better to leave the inspection in the hands of the tenant so they can never say they didn’t know the condition of the property before they rented it. Once the inspection is done, the tenant needs to sign the documents and give it back to you. If there are problems such as a ding in the wall or a small stain on the carpet, you have to take a picture of it and place it with the “move-in” inspection documents.

Routine Safe and Clean Inspections

This is a routine inspection that has to be performed in order to ensure that the property is clean and safe. It needs to be conducted every 3-6 months. In case it goes any longer, you will loose the control of the overall condition of your property. When you are doing that inspection, you need to look for things that the tenant has done and should document everything you find and support it by pictures.

Drive-by Inspections

This inspection doesn’t need any pre-notification. All that needs to be done is driving by and observing. If there are any issues on the outside of the property, you should inform the tenant and schedule a “safe and clean” inspection.

Move-out Inspections

The “move-out” inspection is your chance to determine the overall condition of your property when the tenant is moving out. The inspection should be done when you are getting back the keys from the tenant because it’s best to perform it together. That way there won’t be any issues with the deposit.

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