Common Issues in Different Types of Foundation

What Kind of Foundation Issues Can Be Found During Home Inspection

Among the common areas which are checked during a home inspection is the foundation of the property. There are several types of foundations which can be used in the construction of a new house, each of them having their own set of issues which can cause the price of the property to lower should they develop. Here are some of these problems which may be found during the inspection.

Wood rot

Among the issues which can be found during a home inspection is wood rot. This is most often found in the coastal pile foundation type as this kind is comprised of milled tree trunks. When the exterior layer of the wood rots away and loosens it creates “wiggle room” within the base. This results in a slight shift of the floor upon walking from one end of the house to another. A disturbing sensation similar to a ship at sea which greatly lowers the house’s value.

Concrete spalling

Another common type of problem which can be found by the housing inspectors is concrete spalling. It is most often found in masonry piers which consist of concrete and reinforced steel in the middle. When water infiltrates the base and reaches the reinforcing bars it causes them to corrode. This, in turn, creates a slow yet strong expansion of the metal which causes cracks to appear on the surface and the concrete to form crack lines. These lines, in turn, allow more moisture to infiltrate and accelerate the spalling. If left untreated this issue lead to integrity damage and falling of sections of the concrete.

There are several common issues which may be found during an inspection of the property. These include wood rot which can cause the flooring to shift uncomfortably when walking upon it. And concrete spalling which can cause integrity damage if left untreated. If you would like to learn more about these issues, contact a professional home inspection company. An example of one such contractor is Best Choice Home Inspections in Clarksville, TN.