From the Roof to the Foundation

What’s Included in a General Home Inspection

A home inspection cannot guarantee that you will have a problem-free home, but it does give you a general idea of the state of the property. Most real estate deals cannot be made without a detailed inspection report. That inspection report is absolutely necessary to help you make an informed decision on a certain property. Below are some of the key areas covered in a general home inspection:


The home inspector will check that you have properly installed indoor plumbing. This means no leaks or damaged pipes. They’ll also check if your toilets and sinks are functional. The inspector will run the taps to check for proper flow and drainage.

Structural features

A big part of the property inspection is spent checking on the structural elements of the house. The inspector will look at the foundation for any visible defects. They’ll check the roof and gutters for leaking, damage, and sagging.


The condition of the roof is very important. They will note the age of the roof, inspect it for damage, and they’ll also check if there are any warped shingles. The roof inspection is done to make sure that there is no pooling or risk for leakage on the roof.

Electrical system

Light fixtures, circuit breakers, and electrical outlets will be checked. A good inspector will know if your electrical system is up to code. For their own safety, the homeowner or potential homeowner needs to know the condition of the system and whether it needs to be updated.

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