An Overall Assessment of Your Property

Types of Home Inspection

To evaluate the condition of your property, a home inspection is done. This is an ocular inspection that takes a few hours to complete. It is used in the real estate industry to determine the condition and risks attached to a particular property. Below are the different types of inspections that a home can undergo:

Pest inspection

Wood-destroying insects are found in all parts of the country, but they are especially common in areas with warmer climate. The house inspector will look for signs of damage caused by wood-eating insects like termites and beetles.

Chimney inspection

The home inspection will cover the chimney. They need to check that the flue, interior walls, connectors, and liner are in proper working condition. An inspector will make sure that the chimney discharges properly. This is for the safety of the members of the household.

Radon Inspection

A contractor can test for radon or methane gas. Exposure to these gases can cause health problems. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can cause cancer. The inspector can check for presence of the gas and also recommend ways to remove it.

Foundation inspection

The foundation of the home is key to its stability. A foundation inspector will check if the slab is sliding or if there is something wrong in the construction of the base of your home. They will check for large vertical and horizontal cracks that could become a problem. Any problems with the foundation will be noted in the inspection report.

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