Common Electrical Issues Which Can Be Found in Older Properties

Brief Explanation by a Professional Property Inspector

A real estate inspection can help to greatly reduce the costs of a certain property. Yet, it can also reveal problems which can be quite costly and difficult to remove, especially when they affect the electric system. This applies the most for older style homes from the 1930s, 1950s, and 1970s. Here are some of the issues which can be found during the inspection.

Screw-in fuse panels still in use

A screw-in fuse panel is a type considered to be obsolete. This is due to the circuits used being ungrounded and the proneness to over-fusing as the fuses of different amperage are interchangeable. This type appears as a panel which has small round screws with a window to show if a fuse has blown. Should the building inspection reveal such panels consider if you can afford to have them replaced with new modern ones.

Receptacles which are not grounded

Another common issue which can be found during a real estate inspection of an older house is non-grounded receptacles. They were the standard prior to the creation and appearance of the modern three-prong ones. They have only two slots and lack the round grounding connection which the modern receptacles feature. This type can cause serious electrical issues as well as blackout and fires.

There are several electrical issues which can be found during the inspection of an older style home. These include screw-in fuse panels which are still in use. And receptacles which are not grounded. The replacement of these issues can be rather costly, therefore you should consider if whether you should purchase such a home. If you would like to learn more about these issues, contact a professional property inspector. An example of one such contractor is Best Choice Home Inspections in Clarksville, TN.